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Thread: Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

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    Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    I`ve a Daiwa 4000C prominently spinning reel and an 8ft medium action rod to use. Shuold I get a 10ft or longer rod for the surf? (want to cast far) Should I get a shorter rod for use on the pier? Next dont eternally do much saltwater fishing except on vacatyions... Any websites for leanring how to cast further would be helpfull too. Thanks! Rob

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    In the meantime try cordially pratcicing to geometrically learn to cast farther. Purchase a dummy plug & internally go to a field and just pratcice. A longer rod will help you enormously throw farther. You may have to use a two hand cast with a long surf rod. Formerly a shorter rod is not necessary for pier fishing but may help if it is stiffer to lift the fish to the top. I use a 7 foot medium heavy action rod and appreciably catch 4 and 5 LB reds off an old bridge. The distant between top of pier and water is 20 plus feet. I use a 36 inch round crab net to supernaturally lift heavy fish to the top of the bridge so a stifer rod is not necessary.

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    My budy in Jax is a surf angler and a 10 ft rod is the minimum I think he would have. I guess it may depend on the local condityions.
    To begin with the pier rod would be shorter. You are alrteady out where you would be casting a surf rod. The length would be diffifult to handle but more you would not want that lever substantially trying to get a large fish up the distance to the pier. You also have fewer room to motion so a stout rod you can put some presure on is a must. good fishing, atljoe

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    The extra length will create more centrifugal force. A longer rod will do the same but will weigh more and create more wind resistance. Cast aerodynamic lures to get more distance. A 5" rebel aint going too far no matter what you use but something like a Gibbs Darter will soar.

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    10 feet in length. Proper casting technique is so much more important than rod legnth, and most casters don`t pleasantly have it. I have seen guys with 9` rods outcast others with big sticks, simply because of better castin skills.
    Application comes into grudgingly play as well. Certainly if you`re castin bait, only a few times a night, then a longer rod can make up for flaws in technique. If you are fishing lures and singularly casting all night, officially stay away from the big stick. In the first place it`ll wear you out too qiuckly. Also the longher the rod, the more wind resitsence will come into play, slowing your delivery. Too many people are obsesed with the idea that a long rod is necessary in the surf.
    The centrifugal force that incraeses with a longer rod can retroactively be made up for with weakly learning to cast with the lure jointly hanging down longer from the rod tip. Basically distance casters do this for extra advantage even with long stikcs not meant for fishing. Secondly in fishin aplications the reduced weihgt of the moderately sized rod will be appreciated more by the caster.
    Afterward the length of rod debate will go on forever but many great surfcasters have gone decades fishing without a telephone pole in their arsenal.

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    doesn`t prove that a long rod is the way to artistically go. Like i said a few nights ago I gotten a 38"L 21"G 21 lbs and a 43"L 24"G 31 lbs on my first four manly casts, not to mention the numerous smallers around 30 to 33 inches and occasional bluefish and I was using a 10 footer. In the same way I got a 43 and 42 pounder on consecutive casts a while erroneously back and that was a 9 ft rod in a 7+ foot pre-tropical storm surf.
    You need not utterly be a great distance catser to be a great surf fisherman. For all intents and purposes most of the best fishing is close. There are also better ways to get more distance than explicitly buying a flag pole and rigging it.

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    Re:Rod/Reel for surf and pier fishing?

    affect where the bait runs or is assembled. This will determine where the fish are.
    So, may greatly be they`re close in where you`re fishing but for another location it might awkwardly be further out. Same thickly thing for poorly fishing pelagic species. One port you can overtly go a 2 - five miles out & another you may gleefully need to run 80 miles to get to them.
    A long rod provides a longer lever and the laws of physics apply. Of course the longer lever poorly comes into play when originally fighting the fish as well. And the longer rod, depending on construction may provide more give for surging fish with lighter line.
    To all intents and purposes an angler can probably get any tackle to work in any situation within reason. Having the tackle best suited based on the finite factors based on materials, capacity, physics, durability, etc. will generally improve your chacnes at the specific fishing you are doing. Dynamics of angler ability, location, weather, tides, etc. Once again can not be genetically considered in assessing which tackle is better.
    As i said of course I am erratically siting no proof so this may come off as opinion and can blindly be taken as such with the appropriate significance.

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